Fall Closet Update: Styling A Chambray Shirt

As the weather gets chillier, it can be difficult to wear some of your favorite summer pieces into fall. But, the versatile chambray shirt can still be your go-to shirt in the fall. Here’s an easy guide for styling a chambray shirt to fit the changing seasons:

Vintage 1970s Floral Velvet Blazer- A chic blazer to pair with your favorite chambray shirt!

Vintage 1970s Floral Velvet Blazer- A chic blazer to pair with your favorite chambray shirt!

Pair with darker colors.

Instead of wearing a chambray shirt with bright pants, pick muted colors, like hunter green. You can even switch up the wash of your shirt, and opt for a darker wash instead of a lighter, more summery shirt. Even just sticking to darker denim jeans will give your look a fall vibe.

Style a chambray shirt with a blazer.

Not only will you look more polished and put together, but you’ll also be much warmer. Its a win-win situation! A chambray shirt is so versatile, you probably already own a blazer that would look great with it.

Play with scarves.

Hermes Chasse En Inde Silk Scarf

Hermes Chasse En Inde Silk Scarf- Wear with a darker wash chambray shirt and boots for a stylish fall look!

Scarves are such an easy way to add more warmth and bring an outfit into fall. They add your own personal flair to an outfit. Think about style a chambray shirt with a chunky, knit scarf or go for a silky, vintage Hermes choice. The possibilities are endless!

Layer your chambray shirt under a sweater.

Pick your favorite sweater and wear it over your chambray shirt for a classic, preppy look. Complete the outfit with a pair of riding boots, for a cute and comfy look thats ready for all fall’s activities.

Styling a chambray shirt for fall just got a lot easier! You can wear this wardrobe staple with so many different outfits. Though the weather is getting colder, you can still keep wearing some of your favorite summer clothing.

Designer Spotlight: Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a name known worldwide. The French fashion designer built an empire for himself and will forever be one of the greatest designers of fashion history. He was a major influence on the modern woman’s wardrobe and paved the way for ready to wear clothing.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent always had a passion for fashion. At 13, he was designing dresses for his mother and sister to wear. In 1955, he began working for Christian Dior, the biggest name in fashion at the time. In 1958, Saint Laurent made his first big splash into fashion by introducing his trapeze dresses. This style removed all the stuffiness of corsets and shoulder pads for a playful silhouette that hung freely.

In the 1960s, Saint Laurent was the “bad boy” of French fashion. He went against the grain and designed with wild prints and fresh shapes. His women’s trouser suits and sheer chiffon blouses were exciting yet scandalous when he introduced these designs. By 1980, Saint Laurent was an icon.

YSL Black Wrap Style Dress at Back in Style!

1970s YSL Black Wrap Style Dress at Back in Style!

He was the first fashion designer to have his own exhibit of his work in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. He is known for his signature style of feminine sophistication. His designs were fresh spins on classic style.

Saint Laurent’s final show was in January 2002, where he showed off more than 350 of his classic pieces and 40 new gowns. He died in 2008, but will always be one of fashion’s greatest icons.

To get even more of this iconic French fashion designer, check out not one, but two, biopics about him released this year: St. Laurent and Yves St. Laurent.

For more vintage Yves Saint Laurent, be sure to check out Back in Style!


Magazine Monday: Totally ’80s Fashion Throwback in Chiffon

Us Magazine took to the streets of New York City to figure out which of these glamorous celebrities wore this Michael Kors dress best. Who do you think wore the dress best?

Us Magazine's Who Wore it Best

Us Magazine’s Who Wore it Best


All three looked incredible, but Heidi Klum came out on top of this stylish competition. The cut and material of the Michael Kors dress make it a soft and feminine piece. The faux-leather belt adds an extra edge to this ladylike dress. Though a modern piece, the dress has a bit of an ’80s fashion flair. So, of course a vintage fashionista would find its ’80s fashion twin.

Vintage Wayne Clark Black Chiffon Asian Motif Cocktail Dress

Vintage Wayne Clark Black Chiffon Asian Motif Cocktail Dress

For a similar look, Back In Style discovered this amazing vintage Wayne Clark Black Chiffon Asian Motif Cocktail Dress. The 1980’s dress has a similar silhouette to the Michael Kor’s dress in Us Magazine.

It cinches at the waist with its wide horizontally ribbed silk satin belt, reminiscent of an obi belt. The long sheer chiffon sleeves are cuffed at the ends similar to the featured celebrity dress. What’s great about the Wayne Clark dress is its unique gracefulness.

The chiffon material allows for dramatic, graceful movement. The Vintage Wayne Clark dress is an effortlessly feminine dress that is sure to stun on any occasion. Its a totally rad throwback to the best parts of 1980s fashion!

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: The Most Famous (and Expensive) Pair of Shoes

ozMGM’s The Wizard of Oz is arguably one of the best American films ever made. But, did you know that the iconic ruby slippers that Dorothy wears are among the most famous and expensive shoes in the world? The Wizard of Oz ruby slippers are unique and fashionable part of American film history.

In the 1930s, film studios didn’t generally keep the costumes from their films. Luckily, 4 pairs of ruby slippers from the 1939 movie were saved at MGM Studios and discovered in 1970. The authentic ruby slippers are highly coveted today. In 2012, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg, and other donors bought one of the four pairs for a rumored $3 million. The suspected price tag makes them the most expensive item of movie memorabilia in the world. The ruby slippers were donated to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Where are the other three pairs of ruby slippers? The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and David Elkouby from Los Angeles both own pairs. The third pair was owned by Michael Shaw, but was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 2005. The whereabouts are of this pair of The Wizard of Oz ruby slippers are still unknown.



Dressing for the Decade: The Shifting Influence of 1940s Fashion

The 1940s were a perfect example of fashion reflecting the issues of the decade. Styles adapt to the society they’re worn in. There were two different types 1940s fashion that divided the decade, both centered around World War II.

Katherine Hepburn on the set of "The Philadelphia Story" in 1940.

Katherine Hepburn on the set of “The Philadelphia Story” in 1940.

The first came about during World War II. Women’s fashion was geared towards utility during wartime. Squared shoulders and skirts that came up to the knee were popular. Women were encouraged to make their own clothing, especially because of the wartime rationing. The focus of fashion switched from Paris to New York, with many embracing the “American Look” that made use of fabrics that weren’t in demand by the military. Pants became a popular choice for women at this time, a trend that would carry over to later decades. Though much of the fashion of the early 1940s encouraged repurposing older styles, women were still able to DIY their own chic outfits in this wartime period.

Christian Dior's "New Look", a dramatic shift from  the WWII Utility Style

Christian Dior’s “New Look”, a dramatic shift from the WWII Utility Style

After World War II, the emphasis on conservation and utility began to fade in favor a new, feminine look. Rounded shoulders replaced the utility style’s squared version. Instead of straight skirts that ended before the knee, women embraced a full, billowing skirt in this new feminine style.

When trying to channel the 1940s, there are so many options. Pick your look and dress for the decade!

For more inspiration, check out Back In Style selection of 1940s fashion!

Trend Alert: Mad for Mod in Valentino Fall 2014

Valentino brought the ’60s back in a big way this fall. The vintage vibe of set is a trend to look out for this fall. The collection features many must-have mod dresses that any vintage fashionista would love!

Valentino Fall 2014

Valentino Fall 2014

Channel your inner Twiggy with Valentino’s variety of collared mini-dresses. The minimalist monochrome looks are a chic way to subtly recall sixties style. The collection is full of fun and flirty dresses, with the short hemlines balanced by their mod collars. The A-line styles and shift dresses are funky but still sophisticated. The mod collection also featured more vibrantly colored pieces, with psychedelic, circular prints.

Looking to add more mod styles to your closet? Browse Back In Style’s collection of mod, vintage clothing for your own take on the Valentino Fall 2014 collection!


Styling on a Budget: How to make an ordinary outfit look expensive

Want to make your clothes look more expensive without a huge strain on your wallet? Look no further! Here’s a quick and easy guide to expensive styling on a budget:

Leopard Pony Hair and Chain Belt from Back In Style! A great way to add your personal touch to an outfit.

Leopard Pony Hair and Chain Belt from Back In Style! A great way to add your personal touch to an outfit.

Befriend the belt.

Like buttons, belts are also an indicator of the price tag of an piece of clothing. But luckily, belts are another item that can be changed easily. For example, remove the belt that came with a dress and add your own for your own personal touch. Not only will the dress look nicer, but it will also reflect more of your own style.

Invest in a steamer.

A crisp, wrinkle-free shirt will look higher quality than the same shirt with wrinkles. You’ll look more professional and put together in the matter of minutes by steaming your clothing. Its an easy and frugal way to polish your look without breaking your budget.

Theory Black Cotton Jersey V Neck Top! Simple, yet elegant.

Theory Black Cotton Jersey V Neck Top! Simple, yet elegant.

Stay simple.

Sometimes the most stylish and budget friendly looks are not so intricate. Simple basics won’t break the bank, but will keep you looking chic. Best of all, you can wear more simple clothing in many different ways and the opportunities are endless for accessorizing.

Swap buttons.

A tell tale sign of a cheap item of clothing are its buttons. Instead of sticking with the provided cheap, plastic buttons, find nicer ones that fit in your budget. Not only will you be able to personalize your clothing, but you can also practice your sewing skills.

What are your tips for looking stylish on a budget? Comment below!


Magazine Monday: Timeless in Tweed

Us Weekly's Who Wore it Best

Us Weekly’s Who Wore it Best

The fabulous Duchess Kate Middleton proves that you can never go wrong with tweed. Its an elegant and timeless fabric that can give a conservative outfit a fashionable flair. While Kate Middleton wins this round of Us Weekly’s “Who Wore It Best?”, Emma Roberts definitely puts a young twist on tweed. The pairing of the navy tweed Rebecca Taylor jacket with her red purse creates an easy and edgy weekend look. Both women show how you can take the same clothing and create a completely different outfit with some awesome accessories.

Bigio Navy Blue Tweed Skirt Suit

Bigio Navy Blue Tweed Skirt Suit

Looking for your own take on tweed? Back in Style has a similar style to the Rebecca Taylor skirt suit. The Bigio Navy Blue Tweed Skirt Suit is perfect for a polished and ladylike outfit like Kate Middleton’s. The allover crochet of the skirt suit gives it a vintage vibe. For a more casual look, follow Emma Roberts’ lead and just wear the jacket for a sophisticated weekend outfit. Don’t forget a funky bag to complete the look!

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: High Heels

Do you know about the origins of your favorite shoe? The High Heel wasn’t always just for women. In fact, high heels were originally worn by both men and women. The lengthened heel gave men more stability when riding horses by keeping their feet securely in their stirrups. In the 18th century, everyone was on board with this famous style, even children.

King Louis XIV and his famous red heels

King Louis XIV and his famous red heels

Love red high heels? Well, France in the 1670s would not have been your ideal place. Louis XIV made a law that only members of the royal court could wear red heels. This was his way of separating commoners from royalty.

Good thing we don’t live in 17th century France or Christian Louboutin lovers would be out of luck!

Dressing for the Decade: 1930s

Even in a time of economic crisis, fashion continued to evolve in the 1930s. The focus of style of this era was on more conservative, feminine fashion. Whereas in the 1920s, curves were hidden with loose styles of dress and the popularity of the drop waist, fashion of the 1930s began to emphasize again women’s natural form, but with unrestrictive fabrics for free movement.

Greta Garbo, 1930s Style Inspiration

Greta Garbo, 1930s Style Inspiration

With the Depression, women were unable to buy new clothing often, so they had to rework their existing clothing in new ways. Another change of the 1930s was a shift of the influence of fashion. Rather than looking to Paris for inspiration, American women were more strongly influenced by the fashion of Hollywood actresses.

So how do you dress for this decade?

The flapper look of the 1920s was ditched for a long and sleek style. Women wanted to look sophisticated, despite the circumstances of the decade. Muted colors were popular, with the occasional geometric or abstract print. Ruffles were popular on skirts or sleeves to add a feminine touch.

A Vintage Ad from 1935

A Vintage Ad from 1935

Hats were a popular accessory in the 1930s. Brimmed hats and pillbox hats were especially popular at this time. Gloves were also a must-have accessory for the decade, for both daytime and evening wear. The go-to shoes for women of the 1930s were sling-back heels and and peep-toe shoes.

The final touch to any 1930s outfit was red lipstick and lots of mascara. Dress for the decade at BackInStyle.com!

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