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Style Icon: Jane Birkin

Love breezy bohemian style? Then Jane Birkin is your style icon! The British actress and singer not only inspired the fashion world with her 70s style, but also has her very own Hermes bag. Here’s an easy guide to dressing like Jane Birkin:


Love your jeans.

Jane Birkin was the queen of denim. She embodied an effortless bohemian look with the help of her favorite jeans. Avoid pants with elaborate embroidery. Instead, stick to a comfortable, yet chic, pair for your every day look.


Wear simple jewelry.

Jane Birkin was notorious for wearing delicate gold necklaces. She kept her jewelry choices simple and quirky, like the rest of her style. This type of jewelry is making a quite a comeback! Brands, like Dogeared Jewelry, have a ton of great pieces to get you started!


Have fun with your style.

Jane Birkin loved wearing a chunky sweater or flowy blouses. She wore a tshirt and high-waisted jeans or miniskirt and turtleneck. Before she had an Hermes bag named after her, she famously carried around a straw basket as her go-to purse. An important lesson from this style icon is to wear what you like and don’t be afraid to break style rules. Jane Birkin always had fun with her style, and you should too!

Don’t miss this Friday’s TGIF event at the Back In Style showroom and shop vintage accessories and clothing for your own Jane Birkin look!



Stylist Secret: Cross Body Bags

Remember when huge purses were everywhere? The bigger the purse, the better! Well fashion is changing right before your eyes, as fashionistas are choosing smaller, stylish bags. A favorite is the cross body bag- small and versatile, this bag carries your essentials while adding a subtle flair to your look!

Vintage Gucci Black Leather Handbag

Vintage Gucci Black Leather Handbag

The cross body bag can be worn on all occasions. You can make your cross body bag a bold statement piece or go for a more subdued look. Either way, the key to pulling off this look is to find a bag that sits well on your frame. Go for a shorter chain to avoid the awkward placement of a bag with a long chain. If the bag has too long of a chain, it will create a disproportionate silhouette.

Black & Silver Beaded Cross Body Bag

Black & Silver Beaded Cross Body Bag

If you need another reason to try out this fashionable trend, then you will be excited to learn that cross body bags may even be good for your health! The switch from a large purse to a cross body bag can give women a sense of freedom while walking. A simple fashion choice can do wonders for your overall wellness, as a weight will literally be lifted off your shoulders.

Vintage Brahmin Black & Navy Croc-Embossed Top Handled Bag

Vintage Brahmin Black & Navy Croc-Embossed Top Handled Bag

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, a Manhattan chiropractor, Dr. Karen Erickson, explained the “cross crawl” pattern that people normal adopt while walking. This involves moving an arm and the opposite foot forward at the same time. This causes both sides of the brain to synchronize and will induce a more relaxed state. When wearing a large purse, the cross crawl pattern of walking is interrupted. So embrace the cross body bag as your go-to purse choice for every occasion!

Check out more cross body bags, as well as other purses, at BackInStyle.com!





Fun Fashion Fact Friday: The Blue Jean

We all have that go-to pair of jeans in our closet. Jeans are such a versatile part of the modern woman’s closet, able to be easily dressed up or down for a variety of occasions. But where did these popular pants come from?

A Vintage Denim Ad

A Vintage Denim Ad

Jeans originated in Genoa, Italy. They were named after the Genoan sailors who commonly wore the material that could comfortably withstand their hard days of work. The word “denim” came from the French material called “serge de nimes”, meaning material from Nimes (a small town in France). But how did jeans make their way into America?

In 1848, the Gold Rush began in California. Gold miners wanted to wear a fabric that was strong, but comfortable. Levi Strauss saw this need as a business opportunity and started a wholesale business in San Francisco in 1853. His Levi’s were sold for about $6 worth of gold dust at the time.

James Dean as the ultimate 1950's Rebel

James Dean as the ultimate 1950′s Rebel

Jeans gained popularity in the 1930s, when Hollywood made so many western movies featuring cowboys dressed in denim. In the 1950s, the denim look became even more popular among young people as a symbol of teenage rebellion.

In the 1960s, jeans were often worn by college students and soon became adopted by the hippie movement. Jeans were given the designer treatment in the 1980s, with designers creating their own style of jeans with their labels attached.

Today, jeans are still a popular pant option for more casual affairs. They’re worn by both the young and old. Jeans are symbolic of the American culture, both past and present.

Lauren Bacall – Death of a Fashion Icon

There were few women more stylish and inherently sexy than Lauren Bacall . When she died r-LAUREN-BACALL-1940S-largelast week at the age of 89, Hollywood mourned not just a talented and smouldering actress, but a woman of immense passion, verve and glamor, both on and of the silver screen.

Always making headlines throughout her life, whether it be for her marriage to Humphrey Bogart and his admittedly chequered past sexual conquests and love life, or through her own impeccable screen presence and the fact she dared to be that little bit different, through all of it Bacall’s fashion sense shone through.

She was known for her friendships with Yve St Laurent and a great admirer of Diana Vreeland too. This made sure that when she put on an outfit she wore it, rather than the other way round. Her way was, in many ways a total opposite to many of the other wordly Hollywood glamor-pusses of the day such as Monroe, Mansfield and Gardner. Favoring cleaner lines, simple shapes and fabrics – there was still an innate sensuality to her image, and without the need to bare too much flesh. Some would say she had a slightly 131androgynous chic to her too – her poses for photos were sometimes slightly masculine, but still incredibly elegant and timeless. Alongside actresses like Marlene Dietrich, she carried off this unusual, sexy-but-not-quite-sure-why-or-how look with ease.

Bacall often also favoured accessories and make up to complement a simple outfit, rather than focussing on wearing something glitzy and showy, feeling that dressing down to dress up was more the key. She epitomized a Spartan glamor and even to the end she remained timelessly chic and able to carry off her look with easy aplomb.

Her look is probably much easier to carry off than many others, it’s easy, relaxed, adaptable and suits all body shapes whether waif like or Hepburn-esque or a slightly more curvy figure.


Sister Societea’s Tips for Dressing in Vintage

Nothing says glamor like old Hollywood. Think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor. These women were elegant, stylish and sophisticated. How can you bring this classic style to a modern world? It’s simple! Here are a few tips to make your style a little more glamorous.


Old Hollywood was all about the bling! In fact, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her lavish jewelry collection. When it comes to Hollywood glam, the bigger and brighter the better! Your jewelry should wow people and make a statement.


All of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry had a story to tell and reminded her of wonderful memories with the people she loved. Your jewelry should do the same! What’s fun about vintage jewelry is that it already carries so many stories. Now it’s your turn to make your own memories in your favorite piece.


Red lips and long lashes are perfect for your Old Hollywood look. This makeup style was as dramatic as the women who wore it. Be bold when it comes to this classic look. Try a cat eye by using liquid liner on your upper lid. Use a more subtle brown powder on the lower lid to play up the cat eye! Eye shadow wasn’t as popular back then, so if you must use it, make sure to use natural colors. As for blush, a subtle pink adds a nice touch.



Old Hollywood hair was voluptuous and natural looking waves were all the rage. Women achieved this look by putting wet hair in rollers and sleeping with it overnight. Once the hair had dried, they brushed the curls to get relaxed waves. If desired, you can achieve a similar look with a curling iron.


Fashion during this era was form fitting, and fabrics were flowing. Beading was very popular and often covered entire gowns. Pieces were tailored to show off a woman’s curves and accentuate her best features. To accomplish this look, it’s best to shop vintage, which you can do right here!

Sister Societea in their favorite Back in Style outfits!

Sister Societea in their favorite Back in Style outfits!

About Sister Societea:

Dani Gregorie resides in Los Angeles and previously worked as a fashion blogger for Secret Charm Clothing. She is currently hosting a new YouTube interview series, Sister Societea, with her sister Ryley. You can check out their interview with Disney’s Emmy Bucker online now! Their next episode will star Dani’s style icon and favorite model, Janelle Allisa. Don’t miss it!

For more on Sister Societea, stop by their Facebook page here!


Dressing for the Decade: 1920s

The roaring twenties were a time of intense social and political change. This change was reflected in the fashion of the time. A “new woman” came onto the social scene, what we know as the Flapper. Bobbed hair and short skirts became popular for women, as being “unladylike” was now in vogue.

1920s Flappers.  Via Smithsonian.com

1920s Flappers.
Via Smithsonian.com

So what was popular in fashion in the 1920s?

Women wore drop-waist flapper dresses for both a fashion and social statement. Costume jewelry was popular as well as coats that fastened on the side. Women also wore cloches, or close-fitting hats, and preferred T-strap shoes.

For all those Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey lovers, this is the decade for you! In addition to really amazing fashion, this was also decade of great social change and freedom.

Back In Style x Pantone on Fashion

Did you know your very own Back In Style made an appearance in Pantone on Fashion? That’s right! One of the dresses featured in the book was from Back in Style!

Pantone on Fashion A Century of Color in Design

Pantone on Fashion
A Century of Color in Design

The dress was designed by Mollie Parnis, who happened to also have dressed four First Ladies during her career. In “Life” magazine, Parnis said, “I’m not interested in designing for the average housewife. I don’t even know her.” This feeling is clear in her 1970s Lavender Fog Ultrasuede Dress. The unique color and daring fabric make it a prime example of 1970s style.

Lavender Fog Ultrasuede Shirt Dress

Lavender Fog Ultrasuede Shirt Dress

This dusty shade of lavender still feels very contemporary. The Pantone article lists other designers who have used similar colors in their modern work. What a great spotlight on a fantastic piece of vintage clothing from your very own Back in Style!

For similar dresses from the 1970s, be sure to shop at BackInStyle.com!

Style Icon: Twiggy

Twiggy in Vogue, October 1967

Twiggy in Vogue, October 1967

Style icons take many forms. One incredibly influential style icon is Twiggy. Twiggy was a successful model in the 1960s and continues to influence the fashion world today. She was famous for pushing the boundaries of the time. She was a trendsetter with her famous hair cut, love of short shift dresses, and intense eye makeup.Today, Twiggy works with Marks & Spencer on their billboards and advertisements. She was even featured on America’s Next Top Model as a judge for some time. Want the Twiggy look? Here’s how:

The Mini

In the 1960s, Twiggy was a favorite of designer Mary Quant, who came up with “The Chelsea Look”. Twiggy modeled many of these looks, so this style of dress came to be more closely associated with the model. The look featured skirts and dresses that came to about 6 or 7 inches above the knee, an incredibly scandalous look for the time.

The Shift Dress

Twiggy liked to highlight her best feature, her legs. She was featured in many ads wearing shift dresses, simple dresses that drew attention to her best asset. These dresses usually had an exaggerated collar or a big button on the front. These dresses came in a variety of prints and colors, but the shape stayed the same.


Men’s Accessories

Twiggy liked to push boundaries in fashion. She did not shy away from breaking fashion conventions, like wearing ties or men’s hats with her scandalous mini skirts. She broke fashion expectations, paving the way for women to wear men’s accessories in the future. While we may not think much of wearing a suit to a professional event, Twiggy played a part in making this acceptable for women.

“Dress your attitude, not your age.”

twiggyEven today, Twiggy pushes fashion boundaries. In a recent interview with “Woman & Home” magazine, the 64 year old stated that she doesn’t allow herself to be restricted by what she is “supposed” to wear, but instead chooses to wear what makes her happy. The Twiggy look is more than just dressing a certain style, but dressing for yourself.

Without a doubt, Twiggy has had a big influence on the fashion world. She made a splash in the 1960′s with her scandalous outfit choices, but is remembered today as a style icon. Twiggy’s style stems from more than just what she wore, but how she thought and how she continues to challenge the fashion world today.

Office Essential: Pucci Scarves

If you ever weren’t sure what to do with a Pucci scarf, take inspiration from PR mogul Alison Brod’s office.  As founder of Alison Brod Public relations, which handles clients like Ralph Lauren, Judith Leiber, Nordstrom, and MacKenzie-Childs, she knows a thing or two about both decorating and fashion.

Alison Brod's Pucci OfficeAlison uses Pucci scarves everywhere!  Large framed silk Pucci scarves are hung on the walls as art.  Smaller scarves serve as pillows on the couch, and cotton handkerchiefs designate different spaces.

I bet you never thought a Pucci scarf was an office essential!

Shop scarves at BackInStyle.com to add some fashionable flair to your own office!

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