4 Favorites with Fancy Things + Let It Be Beautiful – St. Patricks Day Edition

This week, we are so lucky to collaborate with Kristen from Fancy Things and Ashlyn from Let It Be Beautiful.  We have created our very own Four Favorites Segment made up of Spring Pieces to Debut on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Link up and Comment Below to let us know what you thought!


01. 1960s Pierre Cardin Vintage Black & Green Silk Dress:
This vintage Pierre Cardin dress is the perfect work piece for spring, and with a touch of green in organic leaf shapes that pay homage to the clover, it’s just the thing to wear on Saint Patty’s Day with out looking kitschy.

02. Celine Small Chiffon Scarf with Green Palm Frond Pattern:
For the South Florida reader in need of a tropical touch, this Celine scarf with a green palm frond pattern is clean and geometric, lending itself to a minimalist or modern wardrobe, but is festive enough to stand all on its own.  Great for looking chic poolside while drinking your whiskey, beer, or (more likely) mojito.  Sorry if we depressed any northerners!

03. Glenda Gies Green Retro Floral Baby Jackie Bag:
Tap in on the luck of the Irish (without looking like a leprechaun) by adding an isolated pop of green.  This Glenda Gies Green Retro Floral Baby Jackie Bag (a mouthful, but sooooo cute) does just that. The petal detailing and varying shades of green are an eye-catcher, while the white background freshens your look and makes this piece great to wear with other bright springtime colors.

04. Ferragamo Pale Green Signature Bow Vara Flats:
For an earthy touch, stay grounded with a sophisticated pair of flats like Ferragamo’s Pale Green Signature Vara Flats.  The pale green leather and wood-grain heel are reminiscent of an Irish woodland after a spring shower.  And the bow adds a dash of fun to your weekend hunts for pots of gold, but if working is more your thing, they are great for that too.

Pierre Cardin Vintage Floral DressCeline Palm Frond ScarfGlenda Gies Floral Baby JackieFerragamo Vara Heels






What ever you do, don’t forget to wear at least a little bit of green,
otherwise you will be pinched!


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Jord Sustainable Wooden Watches Review and Giveaway!

The ladies and gentleman of BackInStyle.com have always been huge supporters of green retail.  In fact, we participate by helping to divert some of the 2.5 BILLION pounds of clothing that actually gets recycled every year.  That’s why we were so excited when we had a chance to work with the Jord Wooden Watch Company.

Jord (Swedish for Earth, soil, land) is a watchmaker dedicated to bringing people back to nature.  They try to create truly unique, fashionable timepieces sourced from around the world and using sustainable materials.  These criteria all lead to a watch that, in their own words, tells more than time, and we would have to agree.

ely-10-front-angledOur watch arrived on Valentines Day, which made us feel super special.  Packaged in a paper box (no doubt recycled and recyclable), we thought it would make a very presentable gift with just a touch of ribbon.  After opening the box we were greeted by our Ely Series, smaller faced watch in Maple, resting on a Jord Signature Cotton Pillow.

Our first impressions of this watch had a lot to do with the color of the Maple and the overall size of the watch.  Now that things seem to be settling down a little in the extreme watch-face size trends, we were pleased to see a very nicely sized watch that doesn’t overwhelm the wrist.  Overall we felt this was an excellent unisex or ladies watch, even at first glance. The color was a very even warm cream tone, with the grain creating beautiful, one of a kind details.  Below you can see examples from their entire watch line:

We loved wearing this watch over the weekend, it is amazingly light and comfortable.  Despite the lightness the bezel and movement had a very sturdy look and feel to it.  I never found myself worrying about breaking a link or something like that.  One thing you should be aware of though is that these watches are splash proof but not water resistant.  This didn’t surprise us with all of the precision cuts to make the links, you definitely don’t want this watch to become soggy and warp.

So how can you get one of these for yourself?  Well, you can go to WoodenWatches.com and order it for yourself, or you can do these 2 tasks and be entered to win one of Jords fine wooden watches:

  1. Go to Facebook and like Jord’s Page
  2. While you are there like BackInStyle.com’s Page

If you already liked us on Facebook then just post a shoutout on our page and we will enter you to win!

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Fun Fashion Fact Friday: The Origin of Lining

Have you ever been putting on a dress or a coat and wonder why the inside of it is called lining? Well you are about to find out! The word lining originally came form the word linen because the inside of garments were traditionally made from linen. photo   Linen is a textile from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is labor-intensive to manufacture, but when it is made into garments, it is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.     So the next time you’re putting something on that has lining in it remember, it was originally linen! tumblr_mvyxolmeRr1sjhpuho1_500

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New Trend: Mustard Gold and Black

Lucky Magazine Mustard and Black Scan

If you’re following up on the latest trends you would know that mustard, gold and black is the new must have trend right now! We pulled out a page from Lucky Magazine’s November issue that’s showing off this new color trend. We love these colors at Back In Style because instead of wearing dark winter and fall colors you can incorporate this fun and bright color into your outfit while still being in style this season. Here are some items you can use to follow up on this fall trend.

      mustard patent leather handbag

You can easily brighten up any outfit with this cute 1960s patent handbag. This handbag has a structured bag with a twist knot feature at top with a gold tone clasp. You can find this handbag here on Back In Style.


Also following up on this new fall trend is this beautiful Vintage Jacques Azagury black and gold strapless velvet dress.The fabric is interesting and unusual (and touchably soft!).  This designer cocktail dress has a sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice. Azagury is also known as being one of Princess Diana’s favorite designers.  Own a piece of fashion and British history with this vintage couture dress.

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Meet Our New Employee: Isabella Trelles

Isa at BackInStyle.com

Meet our newest employee at Back In Style! Below are some fun things we asked her so you can get to know her too!






Lilly Pulitzer1. Who’s your favorite designer and why?

My favorite designer is Lilly Pulitzer, and I like her because her prints are really loud (and I like really loud) and nautical, which I also like.




2. What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your closet right now?

Even thought I haven’t had the chance to wear it, my Black Donna Karen Pencil Skirt, so simple and pretty.

3. What are your hobbies?

I like to paint and draw. I tend to paint a lot of houses, places I would want to live.

4. What’s your favorite era?20131022-161803.jpg

1920’s because I love all of the shiny, glittery clothes from that era. I was into the Great Gatsby long before the movie came out.





5. What’s your most embarrassing fashion moment?

There’s this movie theater that everyone went to in middle school and I thought it would be a really fun idea to wear these multi-colored floral tights, with an extra large denim shirt that looked like it could have been my dads. I topped it off with navy blue converse high tops. I was “complimented” by a few strangers with my statement outfit.

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Fall Trend: Global Fashion

Part 2 of our 3 part ‘Fall Fashion” Series by Stephanie M. Guerra “Stiletto”, Fashion & Personal Stylist.

One of the trends this fall is foreign fashion. With embellished and elaborately embroidered pieces worn in the most glamorous way one can think of, you will be the true definition of an exotic gem once caught in it. One of the reasons I personally love this look is because it’s exaggerated, and hey, who does exaggeration better than a Jersian like myself? Embroidered looks can be heavy so make sure the pant or short is light along with your top by wearing a cap sleeve. Remember, the key word here is exaggeration so way too many jewels are never enough. Also big this season are tapered trousers, and remember, our goal is to kill two birds/looks with one stone so go all out.Vintage Adele Simpson Embroidered Dress Get a similar exotic look with this Nanette Lepore embroidered velvet top,  or this vintage Adele Simpson embroidered dress all found at Back in Style.Nanette Lepore Embroidered top

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Fashion Mixology for Fall in the Sun

This is the first of a three part series of guest blog posts by the fabulous Miami stylist, Stephanie M. Guerra “Stiletto”.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Back in Style and its subscribers for giving me this amazing opportunity to be a guest blogger on Vintage Fashionistas. It is an absolute pleasure. I wanted to blog to all my beautiful fashion and vintage folks about what’s hot this season. I am happy to say that a lot of the trends are deriving from vintage glamour, vintage cool and vintage sophistication. I surely, am not at all upset about that. This year, we are seeing many inspirations from the 60s like thigh high boots and furs, inspirations from the Rock ages like motto jackets, and lots and lots of plaid, color, satchels and much more. Due to these unfortunate recessionary times, many of you like myself, find it a bit difficult to get a different wardrobe per trend. In an attempt to make it easier, I have come up with a solution called “Mixology,” the art of combining all of your fall trends into one in an attempt to be cost effective. Not only that, I am giving individuals who live in warmer states also like myself, tips on how they can incorporate Fall trends without burning in the sun. Hope you enjoy and thanks again.


I never thought I’d hear myself saying the words “It’s Fall! What do I wear?!” This is because growing up in the State of New Jersey where the weather is predominantly brisk, I, like the rest of my Jersians, though quite appreciative of floral printed dresses, short shorts, round hats, open toe shoes and all of the other fun apparel that comes along with warm weather, had my closet mainly filled with Winter/Fall pieces. Having now been residing in Miami for two years, my closet’s tenants aren’t as heavy and it often becomes a little difficult for me to style myself in Fall fashion. Yes I know, “a stylist having trouble styling herself?” Well lowering temperatures only come around once, maybe twice a year if we’re lucky so a faux fur coat isn’t exactly the best go-to look for this blazing Miami heat.

Plaid Jacket by Celine


Be Glad In Plaid

At first, this year in particular was quite the migraine and that was due to all of the amazing Fall looks designers brought down the runways. Such looks included the return of capes, plaid coats, tweed/wool and quilted skirts, sweaters, foreign ensembles and all of the other goodies I worried the heat would be way too strong for. Aside from the heat, my wallet is not as bulk lately, therefore, I had to think of a Fashion 9-11 solution to my “beyond my budgetary means” problem, in order to gain membership into the Fall 2013 Trends Club. So if you’re a gal like myself who is stuck in a fashion bind albeit because of your sunny location or budget like I was, no need to worry. I’ve got the best Fall fashion options that are doable in the sun and that can work together beautifully.

The school girl has returned. Only this time, rather than being associated with Britney Spears, the school girl is associated with elegance and a cool Londonesque feel. While designers like Celine, plaided out their coats and capes, (design photographed above), try going plaid on your feet and use plaid accessories like a scarf on your handbag and apply a nice broach on top of it to draw more attention and give it flavor. With a nice red leather

Mixed Trends:

Mixed Trends:
• Plaid • Statement Necklace • Leather • Thigh Highs

Geoffrey Beene plaid dresspencil skirt, and a simple white-T that allows the rest of its friends to do the work, you will surely be turning heads. This season is all about statement necklaces, thank goodness, not that if it wasn’t I wouldn’t wear them lol, but quite honestly the best statement necklaces, for me that is, are vintage necklaces. So quite honestly, I’d say splurge on your best friends and go easy on the rest.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to wear wool, if you would like to soften up the crown jewels and want to go all out with the wardrobe, checkout this phenomenal vintage 1970s Geoffrey Beene Red Plaid Dress. Match it up with thigh high boots and you’ve got two trends in one.

Stay tuned for next weeks tips on Global Fashion, and in the mean time, I’m giving it a smile, a wink & smooches,
Stephanie M. Guerra “Stiletto”, Fashion & Personal Stylist

For inquiries on my services including a FREE CONSULTATION and for styling tips, contact tastebystilettostyling@gmail.com.

Taste by Stiletto

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Don’t Get the Winter Blues, Get Purple Coats


purple wool jacket

Every winter for the past 5 years I have been in the extreme temperatures, whether it be four years in Northfield, Massachusetts or a year in Chicago, Illinois, both places have their fair share of cold weather. Maybe if I had a jacket like this one, I wouldn’t have fallen into the winter blues.

montana purple winter jacket

As days get grayer and shorter you will need something to help spice up those gloomy days.  Try a jacket like this one.  The color will be easy to make a statement and help brighten up the mood of everyone around.

BackInStyle.com has this Claude Montana jacket for only $250 versus the usual price of a wool jacket being over $700.

As a somewhat expert of layers, I can tell you this jacket would be very easy to use a top layer over the couple layers underneath.  It has a little bit of room for the extra warmth, and in the winter that is exactly what you will need. If you’re new to winter, on the bottom just wear a pair of jeans (from BackInStyle.com of course) and a pair of boots, and ready for the day!

Good luck enduring the winter! May the weather ever be in your favor this season, and shop now!

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Why Fast Fashion is Bad

Another reason to shop vintage!  This 2 minute video is a very visual explanation of why fast fashion retailers like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21 are bad for the fashion industry, and the environment.

Thanks to Online MBA.com for creating this video!

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Malin Akerman is Va-Voom Vintage Victor Costa

Malin Akerman attends the 2013 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California in a vintage Victor Costa dress paired with Christian Louboutin sandals and Neil Lane jewelry.  This vintage dress is so modern, it is almost futuristic, and definitely fabulous!

Malin Akerman in Vintage Victor Costa at the 2013 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Click here to see more photos of Malin Akerman in this stunning vintage Victor Costa dress and the original blog post on Tom & Lorenzo, or click here to see more vintage Victor Costa dresses.

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