How to style: Vintage Cardigans

Although wearing vintage is both fabulous and fun, many times it can seem challenging. See below as our Style Consultant Janessa shows us how to style a vintage cardigan for a modern look.

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Hi everyone my name is Janessa and I’m the style consultant here at Back In Style.

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about how to style a vintage cardigan.

How often do we find vintage pieces that we just can’t figure out how to style in a modern way? Style bloggers and fashionistas alike love vintage cardigans. There’s something about wearing that dated knit, crochet, wool, or fur collar that really make you feel fabulous.

In our showroom we have a variety of vintage pieces that we’d love to show you how to style with pieces that you probably already own.

So a great way to wear a vintage cardigan is as a casual throw-over. You can wear it with some jeans, a neutral boots, printed pants, cropped jeans, and even some sneakers.

Another great way to wear these vintage cardigans is to use them as an insulating layer. Throw it under for cold weather as a layering piece.  For example, you can wear this 1950s cashmere and fur collar cardigan that we have here in our showroom as a layering piece under a great coat (Dusty Blue Cashmere Coat). Pop the collar out for a different look!

Style these great vintage pieces as a business casual look. Throw it over a dress or a nice top and slacks to give you some classic style. Use it to cover up exposed shoulders during an important meeting.

And my personal favorite is to use these vintage pieces for a night out on the town. Pick out a sequined cardigan and pair it with any evening look. Put it under a biker jacket and add a pencil skirt. Or how about over a slip dress and some cool combat boots? Also, pair these cardigans with a midi skirt and heels!

All these tips will surely keep you on trend when wearing vintage. Visit our website at for more vintage and designer pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe. Stay tuned for our next “How To” video, and if you have any suggestions on things you want to see or want us to touch on, please e-mail me at Thanks for watching!


Posh & Professional: Bad Weather Blues

With a potentially record-breaking winter blizzard heading towards the Northeast this week, all fashionistas are very aware of the need to combine fashion with utility in these situations. Never fear, you can still look posh & professional even in harsh wintry conditions. Beat the bad weather blues in your 9-to-5 with these tips!

*Dec 19 - 00:05*Invest in a good coat.

A good option for bad weather is a trench coat. This style of coat maintains the professional yet chic appearance you’ve worked at during the sunny months. Its a classic coat with the ability to cinch at the waist, a flattering option in a sea of big, puffy coats. But, make sure that your coat is big enough to fit over your blazer without wrinkling it. Another option is the classic pea coat to keep you warm, posh and professional!

Don’t forget your umbrella!

Knowing what the weather will be like throughout the day can be tricky. Err on the side of caution and bring your umbrella with you! It may be helpful to keep one umbrella at work and another at home or in your car to make sure you won’t get caught in the rain. Avoid cheap umbrellas because they will be more likely to fly back in windy weather.

Wear boots, but bring a change of shoes.

Wear you rain boots or snow boots to work. Everyone is in the same boat, trying to both be professional and dry for a day at the office. Bring another pair of nice shoes in your purse, or keep them at the office, so you can change once you’re indoors.

Maintain your mane!

Keep your hair simple on bad weather days. Your chances of having a good hair day in these conditions is not likely, so go for the simple, easy look for a professional appearance. If your coat has a hood, use it or carry your umbrella to somewhat save your style.

Layer, layer, layer!

Layering is probably the most important aspect of winter fashion. Wear tights, thick sweaters, whatever it takes to stay warm! For corporate offices, nude or sheer tights are preferred, but black tights are also acceptable.

Want to make sure you dress your best for your office? Keep checking back for the next segment of Posh & Professional!

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Anna Wintour’s First Vogue Cover

Vogue, November 1988

Vogue, November 1988

Vogue’s most famous editor is always polished and ladylike, but did you know that her first Vogue cover was shockingly casual? In fact, the November 1988 Vogue cover was actually an accident.

Model Michaela Bercu wore a shocking mix of high and low fashion– a Christian Lacroix jacket with her own jeans. The makeup-free face, candid smiles and casual attire made magazine printers of the ’80s think this cover was a mistake.

Bercu was supposed to wear a the Lacroix jacket in a skirt suit ensemble, but had gained a little weight after coming back from vacation. This change of looks made a splash in fashion history and a memorable first impression of Anna Wintour in her first Vogue cover!


American Designer Vince Camuto Passes

American Fashion Designer, New Yorker, and Husband Vince Camuto died of cancer at the age of 78 yesterday, January 21, 2015. Vince is best known for his work in women’s shoe fashions, and as co-founder of Nine West.

Vince Camuto Passion QuoteAlthough Nine West was founded in 1978, it would be 27 years later before he started his namesake footwear line, later expanding into other areas of fashion.  At this time, Vince also mentored Jessica Simpson, helping build her brand to a value of over 1 billion USD.

We are all so very sad to hear when we lose a great fashion designer.  Our thoughts go out to the Camuto family.

This Day in Fashion History: The Debut of the Pillbox Hat


On this day in fashion history, Jacqueline Kennedy debuted one of her key looks. She famously wore on of designer Halston’s famous pillbox hats to her husband’s presidential inauguration on January 20th, 1961. The pillbox hat became one of Jacqueline Kennedy’s defining fashion statements.

Designer Halston was known for his whimsical designs. Kennedy’s choice to accessorize with his design put Halston on the fashion map. After a very fashionable inauguration, Halston began dressing some of the most famous women in the world, including Liza Minnelli, Rita Hayworth, and Marlene Dietrich!

Find your very own pillbox hat at Back in Style! And don’t forget to check back in for more haute history with the Vintage Fashionistas!

Celebrity Style: Golden Globes Fashion

The best part of any Hollywood awards show is without a doubt the red carpet before the big show. This year’s Golden Globes were no exception. What were your favorite looks?


A favorite of this year”s Golden Globes fashion was Katie Holmes in her eggplant Marchesa dress. She paired the long, elegant dress with a sleek, ponytail and subtle accessories. The look stood out among the other red carpet outfits in its simple sophistication. The color and draping of the fabric were very flattering for this classic silhouette.


Not all Golden Globes fashion has to stay on the red carpet! For a similar look, Back in Style has a similar evening dress to the Marchesa dress worn by Katie Holmes. The Rene Ruiz dress is a classic strapless floor length dress, with a fun back of an asymmetrical open triangle shaped area.

For even more red carpet looks, check out Back in Style’s evening dresses!

The Wardrobe Update: Shopping For Your Closet

Sometimes we all need a little retail therapy, but we only have so much space in our closets! To maximize your shopping and closet, the Vintage Fashionistas have a few easy tips for shopping for your closet!

Make a list of what you need.

Have you ever walked into your favorite store and wanted to buy everything? A list is useful in these situations to avoid buying things you will regret later. Avoid shopper’s remorse by making a list of all the items you need. Make a short list for specific days when you know you’re going shopping. Make a longer list for items you want to buy in general. This list method is a foolproof way to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchases in the long run.

Set a budget.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, setting a budget will ensure you focus on better quality clothing. If you only have a certain amount of your budget devoted to shopping for your closet, then you will be less likely to give into impulse purchases. Your closet will thank you when its filled with quality pieces and not so many lesser items.

Don’t think about an outfit, but a closet.

Lastly, when shopping, don’t look at a piece of clothing or accessory as part of an outfit. You should be able to envision it as fitting into your wardrobe. While that neon bracelet may work with one of your outfits, does it fit into the rest of your wardrobe? Can you wear it more than once? These questions will keep you on track when you’re shopping for your closet!

With these tips in mind, head over to Back in Style to keep you and your closet happy!

Designer Spotlight: Betsey Johnson

betsey_johnsonBetsey Johnson has been America’s quirkiest fashion designer for a long time. Her edgy style rose in popularity in the late 1970s during the new wave era and is still popular today. Her brand is undeniably both flirty and sassy. Her pioneering style cemented her role in the fashion industry in the 1970s and has persevered into today’s fashion world.

Much of her fashion designs were inspired from her childhood passion for dance and art. Inspiration  for much of her designs comes from her love of the elaborate costumes she wore in her dance recitals. Johnson discussed her earlier designs, “What I tried to do was a combination of dance and art.”

Betsey Johnson Strapless Sage Dress

Betsey Johnson Strapless Sage Dress

After college, Johnson started her design career at Paraphernalia, a New York boutique, that allowed her to hone her hippie-inspired style that she is so famous for. At this time, Johnson was especially inspired by designers and artists from London’s avant-garde scene, like Mary Quant and Andy Warhol.

After a brief career slump, Johnson started the Betsey Johnson label with ex-model Cantal Bacon in 1978, in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. The partnership has stayed strong throughout the years as their label has grown and flourished. Today, the company has 65 international stores.

In 2003, Johnson expanded the label into a lifestyle brand, incorporating signature prints and flair into a line of handbags, foot ware, swimwear and jewelry. There is no doubt that Johnson is an accomplished designer, winning countless awards and remaining a strong presence in the fashion industry after four decades.

Stylist Secrets: How to Stylishly Master Layering Clothes

As many fashionistas know, the key to staying warm in chilly climates is the art of layering clothes. But you don’t have to look frumpy while bundled up! Follow these tips to master layering this winter:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 5.23.49 PM

Be mindful of color palettes.

When layering, an easy way to ensure a chic look is to be mindful of the colors of clothing you’re using. If you start with neutral, stick with colors in the neutral family. If you go with jewel tones, stick with jewel tone layers. This is a solid option to make sure you stay stylish, but all rules are meant to be broken! If something stands out and you know it will look good layered, then don’t feel the need to follow this suggestion.

Preview proportions.

When layering clothing, its important that your different pieces fit together proportionally. You don’t want the hem of too extend too far past the hem of your coat. But, the hem can be longer if it’s floor length. When layering, there is a happy medium to strike between fashionable and frumpy. Avoid the awkward middle ground of a hem being just a bit too long or too short. That being said, also look at the proportions of clothing in terms of texture and bulkiness. You can wear something heavy with something light (think cashmere and silk) but avoid pairing bulky and heavy layers.

Mix and match prints.

Like yesterday’s style icon Olivia Palermo, don’t be afraid to mix and match prints when layering clothing! Try to keep a consistent element among the layers, like color tone, to keep the outfit looking polished and put together.

Scarf it up.

When in doubt, add a scarf to your layered look. Scarves are a great finishing touch and can easily replace jewelry to add flair to your wintry wardrobe. They can be worn and layered in so many different ways–the possibilities are endless!

Ready to master layering? Head to to complete any layered look!

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

The Vintage Fashionistas usually gush about style icons of the past. But what about today’s style icons? Olivia Palermo is an example of a modern-day style icon. Her style is simple, chic and always put-together. In a world of celebrity “hot messes”, Palermo is an icon we want to keep around for a while.

Here are some tips on how to get the Olivia Palermo look:

Olivia Palermo mixing prints

Olivia Palermo mixing prints

Always look polished.

Palermo always says that she never leaves the house unless she’s fully dressed, including hair and makeup. Incorporate this mindset into your own wardrobe choices. Strive for a complete outfit before leaving the house with evidence of thought put into your outfit. A polished look can make anyone look elegant and chic.

Dare to mix prints!

While Palermo goes for the polished look, she still shows that its ok to be playful with fashion. She isn’t afraid to mix unconventional prints. Like Palermo, you too can have fun with fashion. Don’t be afraid to mix two different prints if you know they’ll look good together.

Palermo's wedding look  © by Johannes Huebl

Palermo’s wedding look
© by Johannes Huebl

Break the rules.

There’s a reason Palermo is always on Best-Dressed lists and all over Pinterest. She’s this week’s style icon because she breaks the rules of conventional fashion in an incredibly chic way. She will wear white year round, a pink coat in October, fur in the spring, etc. In her recent wedding, she combined three Carolina Herrara pieces: a cream cashmere sweater, white shorts, and a full tulle skirt overlay. Her bridal look was definitely different, but undeniably chic.


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