The History of Gucci

1921-The hosue of Gucci is founded in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci as an equestrian leather goods shop and saddlery.
1938- Gucci opens a boutique in Rome and begins selling luxury leather goods like ladies handbags and shoes
1947- Bamboo handle handbags are introduced
1950s- Gucci begins to use their signauture red and green striped webbing, never forgetting his roots, the webbing is derived from the saddle girth
1953- Guccio dies leaving the business to his four sons, intra-family fighting beings
1960s- Gucci introduces the GG logo
1960-s Gucci creats the flora pattern in a scarf, which soon expands to handbags, shoes, and other accessories
1970-1990- The house of Gucci goes thought a lot of turmiol, changing ownership many times and almost going bankrupt
1989- Gucci hires Tom Ford and the revival of the brand begins.
1995- Gucci goes public on the AEX and NYSE for $22 per share
and the rest is history!

Although Gucci has gone through a lot of changes, good and bag, they never forgot their roots. You can still see the equestrian influence on the label today, in their frequent use of the hourse bit and stirrups, and their signature green and red striped webbing.

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