Cross Body Evening Bags Are A New Trend, Even on the Red Carpet

Marion Cotillard wearing a cross body evening bag on the Red CarpetWe love the nonchalant elegance Marion Cotillard displays on the red carpet.  How does she do it?

1. She wears a dress that fits.  It isn’t too snug, scrunching up all her assets.  It isn’t too tiny, publicly displaying all her assets.  It’s just right.  It drapes her body beautifully so she can be relaxed and confident, not fidgety and constantly tugging and adjusting.

2.  She wears a dress that is the appropriate length so she doesn’t have to worry about falling on her face.

3.  She wears a purse that keeps her hands free so she can be gentile and graceful.  It is amazing how this simple cross body bag can make such a big difference in the attitude this A list actress projects at such a high profile event.  Metallic Beaded Cross Body Bag

Like the look?  Try this vintage beaded bag from Back In Style

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