Don’t Get the Winter Blues, Get Purple Coats


purple wool jacket

Every winter for the past 5 years I have been in the extreme temperatures, whether it be four years in Northfield, Massachusetts or a year in Chicago, Illinois, both places have their fair share of cold weather. Maybe if I had a jacket like this one, I wouldn’t have fallen into the winter blues.

montana purple winter jacket

As days get grayer and shorter you will need something to help spice up those gloomy days.  Try a jacket like this one.  The color will be easy to make a statement and help brighten up the mood of everyone around. has this Claude Montana jacket for only $250 versus the usual price of a wool jacket being over $700.

As a somewhat expert of layers, I can tell you this jacket would be very easy to use a top layer over the couple layers underneath.  It has a little bit of room for the extra warmth, and in the winter that is exactly what you will need. If you’re new to winter, on the bottom just wear a pair of jeans (from of course) and a pair of boots, and ready for the day!

Good luck enduring the winter! May the weather ever be in your favor this season, and shop now!

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