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Celebrity Style: Jessica Chastain in Vintage YSL

Another vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress makes a red carpet appearance, this time on Jessica Chastain at the premiere of Madagascar 3.

Jessica Chastain in Vintage YSLWhat do you think?  Love it or hate it?  Our thoughts are that while we love YSL and we love it when celebrities chose to wear vintage at high profile events, we didn’t love this dress on this actress at this event.  Here’s why.  Jessica Chastain would have looked better in a colorful dress.  Or, she could have still worn this classic vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress and added some excitement with bright accessories.

Black dresses don’t photograph well, so I am sure in person, this vintage YSL dress has some stunning details, but in pictures it just looks like a run of the mill boring strapless black dress.  She’s at a premier, of course she is going to be photographed!  Jessica should have thought of that, or at least her stylist should have!


Celebrities in Vintage: Krysten Ritter in vintage slik floral dress

Krysten Ritter in silk floral vintage dress   Vintage 1960s Black & Red Floral Silk Dress

Krysten Ritter looked retro chic at the opening of her new movie “The Raven” wearing a vintage silk floral dress with a black background and a bright pink and red floral print.  You too can look equally fabulous in this vintage 1960s Black & Red Floral Silk Dress from Back in Style for only $85, including free shipping.  Click here for sizing, more info and extra pics on this feminine yet sophisticated vintage dress.















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How to look like a Celebrity Now!

Don’t Kelly and Maria look fantastic in this Karta Dress?  Now you can too! has acquired the exact same dress in red!  If you’ve ever wanted to look like a celebrity at an affordable price, now is the time!Celebrities wearing Karta DressKarta Red Jeweled Dress

Red dress by hot celebrity designer, Karta, with cross over front creating a V neckline.  Embellished waist with large jewels in red, and white.  This Karta cocktail dress has interesting seams at shoulders, and elbow length sleeves. Mini length is sexy, but well balanced with the covered up bodice and longer sleeves. Unlined. Back zip.

Stylist suggestion: This Karta dress can be worn all year long.  In warmer months wear with black gladiator sandals, in winter, wear with black opaque tights and/or tall black boots.  It is hard to find a cocktail dress for winter that is both stylish, sexy, and warm, but this Karta dress meets the challenge… and beats it!

Size Small
Measurements Shoulders: 15, Bust: 36, Waist: 29, Skirt length from waist: 18.5, Sleeve length: 17
Material 100% polyester
Condition Excellent
Era Current
Label Karta

Stylist suggestion: This Karta dress can be worn all year long.  In warmer months wear with black gladiator sandals, in winter, wear with black opaque tights and/or tall black boots.  It is hard to find a cocktail dress for winter that is both stylish, sexy, and warm, but this Karta dress meets the challenge… and beats it!

Celebrities in Vintage: Raquel Zimmerman

I love it when people who have much larger fashion budgets than you and I, instead choose to wear vintage.  Raquel Zimmerman is one of them.  The Brazilian Model, during a Vogue photoshoot with Bruce Weber, said “This spring I will be wearing long, vintage, flower-printed dresses”.Raquel Zimmerman loves vintage!


Raquel, we agree, and so will we!  Check out these long, vintage, flower-printed dresses available at

Lilly Pulitzer vintage flower dress  Vintage Paganne red and pink jersey dress   Liberty House Hawaiian Kaftan Dress

Celebrities in Vintage: Emilia Fox in 1957 Christian Dior

Emilia Fox looks fantastic in a 1957 Christian Dior dress.  Although this dress screams 1950s, it looks very modern on Ms. Fox when paired with the green clutch and shoes.  A very fresh color combination.  The are many style elements of this dress that tell us it is from the 1950s.  The wide scoop neckline, and wide empire waist band were very fashionable during the 1950s.  The bracelet length sleeves, which were styled to showcase a fabulous bracelet, and thus their name sake. The tea length full skirt (which of course would have been worn with a tulle crinoline in the 1950s) is probably the most signature of the 1950s styles.  And of course, sherbert colors like this peachy coral, were the color trend of the 1960s.

But when worn with a modern green clutch, and green platform shoes, this 1950s dress becomes very fresh and contemporary.

What do you think, love it or hate it?

Celebrities in Vintage: Anna Friel in vintage Jean Desses

Anna Freil in vintage Jean Desses  Really, that dress is vintage?  Isn’t it amazing how modern Anna Freil looks in this dress?  If no one had told me, I would never have guessed it was from 1958.  The peacock blue color is so fresh, and the architectural neckline, so contemporary.  I guess this just shows how trends all come back around.  This vintage Jean Desses dress from 1958 was just as stylish, and on trend over 50 years ago, as it is today!

Natalie Portman’s vintage Oscars gown sells for $50,000!

The star’s vintage Christian Dior dress, which divided fashion critics at the Oscars, was sold for a phenomenal sum to a couture collector.
Mar 08, 2012 08:30:00 AM by Rebecca Cope

Natalie Portman’s star status proved valuable to couture dress dealers Rare Vintage yesterday, as the vintage Christian Dior gown she wore to the Oscars last month sold for $50,000 at auction.

The company, who Natalie borrowed the dress from, put it up for auction on their site once it had been returned, and must have been pleased with the result, with a London-based couture enthusiast getting their hands on the exquisite piece.

The strapless red gown with black polka dots and a full skirt was designed by the legendary couturier Christian Dior back in his hey-day in 1954, just three years before his untimely death. Natalie’s stylist Kate Young thought the dress suited the Oscar-winning actress’ petite frame and chic style, and it was an obvious choice for the Dior Cherie model and Dior ambassador.

While the dress provoked a marmite reaction at the Oscars, it definitely didn’t divide opinion at auction.

Disappointing Vintage at the Oscars

Every year I look forward to the Oscars, not for the awards but for the red carpet.  The elegant gowns, or wild fashion statements, both are equally as exciting to me.  The oohs, and aahs, or huh? as the celebrities try to make the “Best Dressed List”, or one up each other in their uniqueness, originality, exclusivity, and appeal.

You’d think this would make a vintage dress high demand on the Red Carpet, since it tends to exhibit all of these qualities.  Vintage dresses are one of a kind, hard to find, different from what fashion designers are making now, wearable, and well made to flatter the female figure.  You would think this is exactly what every celebrity walking down the red carpet would want.  But apparently not.

Natalie Portman in Vintage 1954 DiorThis years display of vintage at the 2012 Academy Awards was not only disappointly low in number, and equally as disappointing in allure.  Yes, Nathalie Portman wore what by description should have been a stunning vintage dress,  a 1954 Christian Dior red strapless chiffon gown with black polka dots.  Sounds fabulous doesn’t it?  It wasn’t.  It was disappointing.  It wasn’t elegant, it wasn’t classic, it wasn’t sentimental, it wasn’t flattering, it wasn’t special, it wasn’t anything.  Just plain blah, like something a high school girl would have worn to the prom.  I guess vintage hasn’t come as far as we’d like.  That just means us vintage fashionistas have to work harder, showing the world how wearable and how fabulous vintage can be.

Nathalie Portman looksed classicly elegant in a 1954 Christian Dior Haute Couture vintage gown.  The strapless red dress with black polka dots

Off the Movie Screen and Onto The Runway

No, you’re not seeing double. This season, looks from the most stylish Academy Awards hopefuls leap off the screen and into your wardrobe.

The Film: ‘My Week With Marilyn'; The Look: Jil Sander | The Film: ‘The Artist'; The Look: Etro

While reading Stieg Larsson’s best seller “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” fashion designer Nicola Formichetti fantasized about the book’s badass computer-hacker protagonist, Lisbeth Salander, wearing looks from his spring 2012 collection for the house of Mugler.

The Film: ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’, The Look: Mugler

“I love the way she’s shy and awkward but beats up evil men, dyes her hair black, rides a motorcycle,” said the designer, whose collection featured modern, body-conscious looks with sharp shoulders and asymmetrical hems.

Lisbeth, portrayed in David Fincher’s cinematic adaptation by the actress Rooney Mara, is “a modern-day digital superhero—totally what the Mugler woman is about,” said Mr. Formichetti.
As it turns out, “Dragon Tattoo” isn’t the only Academy Awards contender that’s mirrored in the spring collections hitting retailers right around Feb. 26, the date of the Oscars broadcast. The coming season is a veritable fashion cornucopia for cinephiles.

Michelle Williams, who was nominated for her star turn as Marilyn Monroe in “My Week With Marilyn,” could have channeled the bombshell actress’s look in designer Raf Simon’s springtime celebration of midcentury “subtle sexuality” for Jil Sander.


The Film: ‘The Help’, The Look: Erdem

The southern belles of “The Help” wouldn’t have looked a bit out of place sipping iced tea and plotting evil schemes in the early-1960s-inspired frocks presented by London designers Erdem and Jonathan Saunders.

And the models on Gucci’s runway, who had all the glamour of the silent-film era, could have seamlessly tap-danced their way onto the set of the best-picture-nominated film “The Artist.”

The house’s designer, Frida Giannini, said she drew inspiration from two icons of the 1920s: silent-film star Louise Brooks and writer/activist Nancy Cunard. The film’s Oscar-nominated actress, Bérénice Bejo, however, was clearly inspired by Ms. Giannini when she decided to wear a beaded Deco number from the collection to the Directors Guild of America Awards on Jan. 28.

“The Artist” costume designer Mark Bridges, who was also nominated for an Oscar, admits that he was surprised by the film’s contemporary appeal among fashion lovers. Because the movie was shot in black and white, Mr. Bridges said he wanted to make sure that the outfits worn by Ms. Bejo had high-contrast designs and light-catching sparkle.

He also shortened the hems on some gowns to make them easier for Ms. Bejo to dance in. Such flourishes made the looks—some of which were actual vintage pieces from the ’20s—feel more current.

“We tried to be as ’20s as possible, but pretty is pretty and we’re always working with a modern eye,” said Mr. Bridges. “It had to feel romantic, so I think that’s appealing to modern sensibilities.”

The big-budget silver-screen adaptation of “Dragon Tattoo” depicts best-actress nominee Ms. Mara zooming around Sweden in tough leather ensembles, flirting with both women and men and talking down to anybody who gets in her way.

If Lisbeth were a real person, she might also be partial to the spring looks of Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens or the American designer Alexander Wang, who showed fitted bustiers and tight pants befitting a Scandinavian superhero; his models walked the runway carrying motorcycle helmets.
[coverjump5JPG] Associated Press

Bérénice Bejo wore a beaded Art Deco dress to the Directors Guild of America Awards on Jan. 28.

“Dragon Tattoo” costume designer Trish Summerville said that she considers Lisbeth’s style to be “nocturnal and subterranean.” For the looks in Mr. Fincher’s version of the story, Ms. Mara wore a mix of custom-designed pieces and store-bought items that were “altered, aged and overdyed,” she said.

Lisbeth “has limited funds to spend on clothing,” said Ms. Summerville, adding that her character would probably buy her clothes at inexpensive Swedish retailers like Cheap Monday and H&M.

Indeed, an interpretation of Salander’s edgy on-screen look, designed by Ms. Summerville herself, was unveiled at H&M in December. Many of the items, such as a leather biker jacket, sold out within days.

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