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About Us

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Back In Style.com would like to thank you for visiting out site.  We appreciate your patronage, and know that shopping on-line can sometimes be uncertain and risky.  Because of this we think it is important to make you, the customer, comfortable and at ease while visiting Back In Style.com by telling you a bit about us.


Sheffield MacIntyre, Founder

Between dressing up in her mother’s wardrobe and tagging along at auctions and estate sales with her father, Sheffield MacIntyre got hooked on the thrill of the hunt. Her target? Vintage clothing - particularly creations by the top designers of yesterday and today. Today, her finds are being worn by stars for the red carps, gracing the cover of magazines, and being archived by couture fashion houses.


“There is something special about vintage clothing,” says MacIntyre. “Wearing it allows me to transform an outfit from something run of the mill to something extraordinary. Most people I know shop at the same handful of stores. I prefer to look at the current trends and mix them with something from the past to create a one of a kind look.”


Steven Bessellieu, operations

Natalie Arencibia, content and social media specialist

Martina Griacova, photography and inventory specialist


Martina, hails from Slovakia and moved to Miami in August 2014. A passionate Swing dancer, to be more specific Boogie Woogie dancer, she started with Boogie Woogie in Slovakia 4 years ago with her dance partner (and now husband). It's crazy, funny, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but never boring:) She has represented her country in competitions around the Europe and later, decided to create with friends project B-Swing, which then became a swing dance school based in Bratislava. She is glad to get a chance to continue with dancing and teaching also here in Miami as part of South Florida Lindy Collective.


Mr. Puccini (Pucci), mascot


Trained in the art of nap-taking, our 12-year-old Shih-Tzu serves as the showroom's dedicated greeter.  Despite a shirt and sweater collection that rivals most human men's closets, Pucci manages to look stylish (okay, cute)  wearing nothing at all!

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